Q1: Can I Know the Stock Availability Before Order Place?

Pls chat in/ whatsapp/emails

Q2: How long to wait for ready stock order ship?

Ready Stock order will arrange ship out before cut off time every working day. Details please refer shipping tab in product description.

Q3: How long to wait for preorder order ship?

Preorder item order from overseas (Japan, Taiwan, China). Please wait for 6-8 working days for parcel reach.

Q4: How to check the size and measurement of each item?

Size for each product can find in each sizing tab.

Q5: Can I cancel my order?

You are able to cancel your order if you haven't make payment to us. Once make payment and confirm shipping by us, you are unable to cancel.

Q6: How can I get the updating news of worldwfashion?

Please follow our social medias accounts.

Q7: What are the payment method available?

1) Our website integrate with ipay88 internet banking transfer , credit card process payment and paypal.
2) Manual bank transfer
3) COD - Cash On Delivery (Matdespatch, Taqbin)

Q8: Why payment verification documents require?

Payment verification documents are required when there is uncertainty. This is easier for us to check each payment of customer.

Q9: How do you charge on shipping cost?

All details please refer on shipping info.

Q10: When can i expect to receive my parcel?

Please refer delivery lead time in shipping info. Worldwfashion is making every effort to deliver your order within the time stated. However, due to certain unforeseen circumstances, slight delay in deliveries might occur, Worldwfashion will not be liable for any loss caused to you by late or delayed delivery.

Q11: When can i get tracking code?

Tracking code will provide after we had process & package your parcel. We will update it in the order status of your account.

Q12:The courier service contact me regarding my parcel gone missing, can i get my refund?

We will need some time to investigate with the courier service provider and other relevant parties to check on the status of your shipment in order to ascertain that your package is really missing and the cause of it.
Please give us sometimes and we will resolve it in for you.

Q13: What should I do immediately upon receive parcel?

Before signing the delivery note, customers are advised to do the following:
To check the package condition and the tracking code first to match with tracking code provide in your worldwfashion account.
If the package show signs of external damages or looks like it has been tampered with, please open it in the presence of the postman or delivery personnel and check the products inside to ensure that the product are not damaged or missing.
Any damages should be reported immediately and directly to the postman or delivery personnel. Take some clear pictures of the package and items you received and email to us within 24 hours upon receipt of the package.
Customers are immediately advised to proceed to make the claim from the post office for the parcel.
Customers always have the right to reject any packages that have been wrongly delivered to them.

Q14: What i need to do once i had signed and received my parcel?

You are require to check the condition of your item immediately without taking off the tags.

Q15: I received a damage/ missing item in my parcel, what should I do?

You are required to make a report to us on damaged or missing item(s) in your package within 24 hours upon receipt of the package. We will not entertain any complaints for damaged or missing items after the 24 hours time frame. Take note that you also be required to provide us the photos or video files in order to enable us help you resolve the matter promptly.
You can follow procedure in return as well.

Q16: Is it true that the  bra in www.worldwfashion.my allow to exchange for best fit?

Lingerie on sales not acceptable to return