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Qmomo Adjustable AIR Push Up Bra Pads

RM 29.00 RM 60.00


This Air push up bra pads offer in a pair. It is specially design to support and push up for your bust at best result. It can be use to adjust the size by balance both side of your busts. It can be done by pump in or release the air out.

You can pump in or adjust amount of air and create the cleavage you want. You can pump in 15 times or 30 times and see the result yourselves.

You just put the push up bra pads at the Qmomo bra pocket or outside in order to push and create best cleavage.

  • Qmomo latest adjustable bra pads
  • suitable for anyone with different size of busts(left/right)
  • Highly create cleavage by pump in/out AIR
  • You decide your own size


1pair  – black color

  • free size


Ready Stock, Ship out 24h