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Bamboo Fiber Plus Size Panties 4pcs Set 6330 (L to XXL)

RM 24.00 RM 48.00


Color: Black, Skin, Blue, Rose (4 pieces 1 set)

  • Bamboo fiber made
  • Comfort
  • Stretchable
  • Plus Size
  • Breathable

This Bamboo Fiber Plus Size Panties comes in 4 pieces per Set with black, skin, blue and rose color. This panty highly stretchable and comfort to wear. It is made from 95% Bamboo fiber and 5% of Nylon.

The material is light in weight and the designs are effective in wrapping your hips.

The panty's benefits is highly hygiene and is made from breathable material. This can assist to achieve a clean and comfort feeling to your skin.



L size: 70 – 80cm

XL size: 80-90cm

XXL size: 90-100cm


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