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How to wash bra?

Learn How to wash bra


You may wonder why your bra deform easily when you wash your bra with other clothes in your washing machine ? is it due to bra's quality issue? No, this is because you added force on your bra and causing the bra's shape change. Bra just like your skin, it need extra care to handle it when you wash.

Here's the Notes to take when you wash:

  1. Do Not use chemical liquid like bleach, chlorine ,etc to clean as item unable to defense their color or shape.
  2. For hygiene and health, suggest use shower soap or shower gel. Gently clean it with the shower gel or soap just like your skin.
  3. panties are not suitable clean with your other clothes for best hygiene purpose. Wash it individually.
  4. For 1st time washing of new cloth, especially for darker color cloth, clothing might decolorize a bit, you can add some salt for 1st time washing

After wash, you need another step to dry your bra gently, here's the notes to take:

  1. Do not tumble dry your item as will affect the shape. Just hang it under warm sunlight is enough.
  2. You may clip the bra just like above image under a warm sunlight to dry.

After dry, keep your bra in your lingerie box.

Love Your Intimate Apparel like Your own skin.

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